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What is a Shoji Screen?

Shoji screens are clean and simple wooden frames that have insert panels that lets the light through but maintains privacy. The center panel is given strength by the addition of fine lattice (kumiko) which is woven into a geometric pattern. This gives the shoji screen interest and beauty as the light filters through, highlighting the lattice pattern.

Featured in the

Bush WoodCraft was recently
featured in an article by the
Seattle PI becauseBush WoodCraft
is among the few who still
hand-craft exceptional shoji screens.

Read the article here.

The lattice pattern can be varied to suit your taste and to heighten the visual feeling of the space. Please see our "Template" section to get you thinking of ideas for your own lattice pattern. Our screens and grids are custom made for you so you can create your own pattern or you can modify one of the patterns in the "template" section to suit your taste.

Bush Woodcraft has been making custom made shoji screens for over 45 years. Although we still use many of the traditional techniques brought over from Japan, we have made subtle modifications to our shoji to improve their function and bring them into the 21st century. Shoji screens are an elegant way to add privacy to any room.That makes them a very effective room divider and light diffuser. They are also used today as a very simple and yet artfully delightful way to cover up closets and other working spaces as well as window and patio door coverings.

We can make a custom shoji for you using a number of different wood & paper combinations. Explore our site and learn more about what makes our custom built shoji special.

Take some time to browse through a small collection of pictures of our work over the years. Click on any picture to the right to jump to our Gallery.




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